Project Results

Integration and Functionality Tests of the Pilot Plant

After the design of the electrocoagulation and separation units and the process control system has been completed by the RTDs, these three main components of NanoFloc pilot plant were manufactured in

contorl system

Norway and Germany. The manufactured components were then integrated at the Fraunhofer facilities in Stuttgart based on produced P&ID diagram and specification of instrumentation and sensors.  


The integrated system is now in its final phase of functionality trials. Basesd on the results of the trials that have revealed satisfactory results, the final specification for industrial design of NanoFloc is under development. This final design, along with business plan, mobilsation of capital and logistics of manufacturing etc,  will serve as the basis for launching industrialization of NanoFloc by the SMEs.

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Brochure about Nanofloc project

The Nanofloc brochure you can read here.


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Nanofloc project in press!


Nanoparticles waste from surface treatment

(article in czech)

Read article here.

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Project progress and technological achievements

Life cycle analysis

The first stage of the planned life cycle analysis (LCA) aimed at conducting a streamlined LCA has been completed. In this initial analysis, the goal and scope have been defined as precisely as possible according to the initial knowledge obtained during the first months of the project period. Further, a preliminary life cycle inventory (LCI), has been carried out in which the relevant inputs and outputs of the NanoFloc technology in the foreground system have been identified. 

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5M Consortium and Technical meeting

The meeting was held at Fraunhofer, Stuttgart on 8th May 2013. The following picture shows partners from TI, Fraunhofer, Westmatic, Bamo, Melotec and Asio. It was decided at the meeting to focus initially on the ENPs – Titanium dioxide, representing a common inorganic ingredient in base coatings and Aluminium flakes, representing a metallic ingredient in base and clear coatings. The consortium was shown around the different instruments which can analyse nanoparticle size, distribution and element type in water. In addition they viewed the Renaren and another potential electocoagulation reaction chamber.


Nanofloc Consortium


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Project Kick-off meeting.

The beneficiaries of NanoFloc met in Oslo in Norway in the beginning of February 2013 in order to attend the project's kick-off meeting.

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