Project Description

The rapid introduction of nano-based products into the market has caused a major concern both for health and environmental impacts, among others from the paint and coating business. A number of studies have documented health risks related to nanoparticles, inhalation exposure and dermal contact being main exposure routes in the coating and paint industry. Likewise, discharge of nanoparticles into aquatic environment causes demage to the gill membrane of fish and crustaceans. Today, the only effective means of removing nano-particles from water is application of energy intensive methods such as reverse osmosis. Therefore, the coating industry that uses products with nanoparticles need a cost effective technology for removing them from used water.

The proposers of NANOFLOC have thus identified a new marked opportunity in developing a novel electro agglomeration technology for removing nanoparticles entrained in water. The technology is cost effective, compact and environmentally friendly. It is based on destabilisation of nano suspensions and agglomeration of charged particles in solutions using electric fields and flocculation in one step, avoiding addition of chemicals. The objectives of NANOFLOC will be attained by development of innovative reactor for agglomeration and stabilisation of flocs, superior hydraulic design of a reaction chamber and creation of inteligent process control system (PCU)