Westmatic i Arvika Aktiebolag

Westmatic was founded in 1974 and has since its establishment manufactured,


installed and serviced bus wash, truck wash and train wash equipment in over 2000 large vehicle wash bays worldwide. The company has a reputation for building high quality, innovative, environmentally friendly, effective and cost efficient washing systems. The company is, furthermore, specialized in water treatment and water purification systems. Their water treatment system requires minimal supervision and maintenance and includes an automatic control system which makes the handling very easy.

The treatment system is tremendously efficient and the degree of purity is 99% as it removes all pollutants, for example oils and heavy metals which are often found in waste water from vehicle washes and thus clearly contributes to a cleaner environment. The method used for water purification is based on electro “flocculation”, which is a technical combination of electro flotation and electro precipitation. No chemicals are added during the purification process. The pollutants are collected in a tank which can be easily emptied. The purified water can thereafter be reused or released into the community sewer. The water treatment technology has since long been used in different industrial processes and is extremely useful in all industries where efficient purification of oil mixed water is required.

Read more: http://www.westmatic.se/

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