Teknologisk Institutt

TI is a RTD organization working in the areas of applied research, consultancy, testing, manufacturing


and productivity development, and transfer of technology to both private and public enterprises, especially SMEs. TI is not an IPR holding or exploiting business, but a non-profit self-owned private foundation. It has  technological and scientific expertise in the areas of process technology, environmental technology including water and wastewater management that includes advanced treatment technologies, electrochemistry, advanced material technology, as well as testing and verification, electronics,  process design, control and optimization as well as construction of prototypes. TI has well equipped laboratories and test facilities, and is able to perform scientific and technological development needed in our core areas of expertise, Our laboratory for water quality analysis is accredited for analysis of both chemical and bacteriological parameters and is used by both internal and external clients. The laboratory of material technology has a leading position in Scandinavia especially in analysis of material properties and corrosion. The institute is currently involved in several international R&D projects including projects in FP7. In the past 10 years, the institute has participated in more than 60 EU funded projects, most of them related to development of environmental technologies.


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