Melotec Kunststoffverarbeitungs GmbH

Melotec is specialised in plastic processing, including the production of precision turned and milled parts made of plastic for industrial and commercial use in CNC machines.


The company can produce machined parts to 3600 mm length, 2100 mm width and 800 mm in height and turned parts up to 250 mm in diameter. Furthermore, Melotec has experience with electronic calibration, face milling, slotting, bending work of acrylic glass, polycarbonate, PVC, polystyrene, ABS etc. as well as welding, adhesive bonding of plastics and production of complex parts with the highest possible dimension accuracy. The company’s staff is highly qualified and specially trained for set up and programming of CNC machines. Melotec have experience in projects for development of reaction chambers in cooperation with research institutions.

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