This website provides public information about the Nanofloc project. Nanofloc was initiated by the coordinator, Westmatic AB, and funded by the funding scheme 'Research for the benefit of SMEs' within the EU 7th Framework Programme.The Nanofloc project will develop electro-agglomeration and separation of Engineered NanoParticles from process and waste water in the coating industry.

Official start date of the project was 1 January 2013. Project duration is 24 months

Project Description

The rapid introduction of nano-based products into the market has caused a major concern both for health and environmental impacts, among others from the paint and coating business. A number of studies have documented health risks related to nanoparticles, inhalation exposure and dermal contact being main exposure routes in the coating and paint industry. Likewise, discharge of nanoparticles into aquatic environment causes demage to the gill membrane of fish and crustaceans. Today, the only effective means of removing nano-particles from water is application of energy intensive methods such as reverse osmosis. Therefore, the coating industry that uses products with nanoparticles need a cost effective technology for removing them from used water.

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Project Results

Integration and Functionality Tests of the Pilot Plant

After the design of the electrocoagulation and separation units and the process control system has been completed by the RTDs, these three main components of NanoFloc pilot plant were manufactured in

contorl system

Norway and Germany. The manufactured components were then integrated at the Fraunhofer facilities in Stuttgart based on produced P&ID diagram and specification of instrumentation and sensors.  


The integrated system is now in its final phase of functionality trials. Basesd on the results of the trials that have revealed satisfactory results, the final specification for industrial design of NanoFloc is under development. This final design, along with business plan, mobilsation of capital and logistics of manufacturing etc,  will serve as the basis for launching industrialization of NanoFloc by the SMEs.

Brochure about Nanofloc project

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Nanoparticles waste from surface treatment

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